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What is optimalization and process modelling?

optimalization and company process modelling is one of the essential tools to be in strategic advance of competitors, achieve higher productivity of labour and more efficient use of resources in all ways of human activities.

Processes in firms existed since the beginning of doing business, each relevant activity happening during production or provision of services is a process, whether main or subsidiary. Over time the professionals in individual fields started to realize the cardinal importance of processes for organization control. At present functional hierarchical approach is gradually being relinquished and is being exchanged for process orientation. One of the directions that follow the way of optimalizationa and process modelling is a direction leading to the ISO9000: 2000 standard systems, which form the base for developing an integrated quality management system. We can state that these standards replaced functional orientation of a company with a process orientation.


We deal with optimalization and process modelling to find an answer for recurrent questions:
  • Why is our cash flow not continuous?
  • Why is production not able to produce orders in time?
  • Why are employees overworked and do not have job specifications?
  • Why is responsibility not uniquely determined for each employee?
  • Why does company costs increase, where and how to save money?
  • Why is there not a continuous circulation of documents in firm?
  • Why does the firm not use internal system of brief reports, reporting and other modern control methods?
In order to meet the requirements of today’s market regarding products and services that requires:
  • higher quality
  • shorter terms of delivery
  • lower prices

What can we offer?

  • Support for determination of technological and economical criteria for optimalization of your processes,
  • Help with stating the maximum economical and technological effect of your processes,
  • Support for design and precise definition of key performance indicators of your processes,
  • Support for fulfilment, monitoring and carrying out of analysis of process performance in global as well as in detail,
  • Support with subsequent use of analysis outputs as basis when making decision regarding changes in firm processes
  • Tools to increase productivity (5S, Toyota Production System, SMED, Kaizen, Kanban, VSM, TPM, Poka Yoke, Andon, Jidoka, TOC, TQM, 6 Sigma, job standardization, logistics and maintenance optimalization, and other.)
  • Smoothness of operation – speed – flexibility – no losses

Main stages of the project

  • Analysis of the present state, determination of main, control and subsidiary processes
  • Localization of weak points and various suggestions for their elimination
  • New definition of processes that you wish to be better at
  • Specification of action range
  • Definition of dividing line among different working stations and responsibilities of single workers
  • Motivation of employees in order to involve them in change implementation and change acceptation for further work
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