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Audit ISO 14001

Ecological audits are carried out to evaluate and quantify the ecological risks connected with a planned project or realized product and consequently it shall also reduce and dispose their impacts on the environment.
All ecological aspects shall be taken into account during these audits.
One of the main reasons of ecological audits is to avoid future financial losses that might have arisen due to insufficient evaluation and consequent correction of the damages made to the environment.
Structure and contents of environmental audit stem from the structure of quality system audit and are amended with the ecological aspects and their monitoring.

Benefit of the audit?

Benefit of our ecological audit is objective assessment of aspects of environmental management system that arise from specific current or planned activities of the company. Output is then suggestion of problem solution and such changes within the company structure so that the company is able to eliminate impact on the environment to minimum. Audit reviews:
  • overall efficiency of company
  • entrepreneurial risks
  • process level within the business
  • opportunities for lower consumption and overall more effective use of resources
  • opportunities for decrease of waste production
  • opportunities for decrease of use of dangerous chemical substances and media
  • opportunities for use of environmentally friendly technologies
  • opportunities for improvement of processes

Sample of audit programme

  • Start, audit specification
  • Management – ecological impact / external and internal communication / external inspections / observance of legislation / ecological accidents
  • System areas – environmental aspects / legal and other regulations, / control of documents / control of records / internal audits / nonconformities, corrective and preventive actions / improvement / management review
  • Human resources – responsibilities and authorities / trainings / work place classification / risk analysis
  • Maintenance of buildings, facilities and cars / revision of reserved equipment / heating system / work regulations / measurement of air pollution sources / monitoring of energy and water consumption / sewage water / emergency preparedness / documentation for fire prevention
  • System management – environmental aspects / operations / management of waste / management of chemical substances and media / personal protective equipment / emergency preparedness /
  • Sale – communication with customers / customer requirements
  • Purchase – supplier selection and assessment / purchase of dangerous substances
  • Emergency preparedness / OHSAS, PPE / classification of object according to the act on major accidents / evaluation in terms of fire hazard
  • Management of waste – collection spot / sorting of waste / dangerous waste / continuous control of waste / permission for management of dangerous waste / contracts with authorized companies for waste disposal / documents of waste disposal
  • Use of natural resources / electrical energy / gas / thermal energy / water / material and raw materials / fuel / paper
  • End of audit
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